US/UK Redirector

Intelligent short URLs for Amazon Affiliates

Enter US and UK Amazon URLs to generate a single short URL that will send visitors to amazon UK or amazon US based on their location.

You may also enter 10-digit ASIN product identifiers directly or search terms instead of URLs.

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Can I use this with Amazon Associates affiliate links?

Yes! If you paste a link with an affiliate tag or enter it in the box provided we will use that. We'll even validate it has the correct suffix for that Amazon site so you don't mix them up (you may wish to join both the US and the UK programme)! Please note that in return for using this service we will use our own affiliate tag for 1% of your visitors.

Can I use these links in Pay-Per-Click Ads/YouTube Descriptions?

Yes! You can use these links anywhere you would normally link directly to Amazon.

Is there an API for generating links?

No, but you can build the links manually fairly easily; simply generate one URL and replace the asin/search values:

You can change asinus and/or asinuk to searchus and searchuk to link to searches instead of individual products.

If you have ASIN or search values that are the same for US and UK, you can just provide them once without the country suffix:

If you have the same affiliate tag in US and UK (except for the suffix) you can even provide that just once without the suffixes and we'll add them automatically:

Where can I send feature requests?

Send them to @DanTup or @HeatherTupp on twitter.


The owners of this site are participants in Amazon Associates, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon. Visitors may be sent to Amazon UK or Amazon US depending on location. Our own affiliate tags will be used for 1% of links and may also added to links without (or with invalid) affiliate tags. We make no make guarantees about uptime or availability of this service. Anyone found abusing this service may have their links blocked.